Our Introduction

Our Introduction

Location: Virginia | Maryland | Washington D.C.

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Soda blasting is an alternative form of paint removal. As well as being environmentally friendly, soda blasting is surface- friendly. Soda blasting does not damage the surface being cleaned. It also removes grease and other debris. This process can be used to clean any surface, refinish wood furniture or remove paint from metal objects. Additionally, the film remaining after soda blasting treatment is completed inhibits the formation of rust on metal for several months after treatment. Soda blasting does, however, leave a thin film of white powder dust on the surface being cleaned. The process can utilize existing sand-blasting equipment, but equipment designed specifically for soda blasting is gaining market share due to the increase of popularity.

We have over 15 years of experience behind us and are proud to serve the Sodablasting needs of Virginia and surrounding areas.

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